About Joy


 Joy teaches 8th grade math teacher at the American International School in Israel. Her previous teaching positions included various courses at the alternative high school in the Boise Independent School District, 8th grade math at a Boise junior high and three years as a high school teacher at an American school in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 
Joy is continuously learning through professional development. She holds Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics Education from Boise State University, and Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, and a Master’s of Arts in Educational Technology from Michigan State University. 
 Previous to teaching, she worked in various jobs including managing a toy store, a Park Ranger in Zion National Park, an auto insurance claims adjuster and the volunteer coordinator at The Peregrine Fund World Center for Birds of Prey. 
Although a native Texan, Joy’s U.S. home is in Boise, ID. She with a passion for travel, adventure, running, snow skiing, long and beautifully written books and the Texas Longhorns.   

One comment

  1. Hi Ms Zaher
    I really enjoyed your math class intro. Cole is my redhead 7th grader in your 8th grade pre algebra class. Since he was out of the normal cirriculum last year, I want to make sure he knows all the prerequisite concepts and solutions. He probably does but I should check.
    Can you email the list of math topics that will be covered, that were in your power point (oe the whole powerpoint)? And, is there anything you can send on the content of the prereq class for you? Syllabus, old final exam, etc



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