My new favorite app:Productivity Challenge Timer keeps me motivated!

Not too long ago I wrote about the benefits of Pomodoro Timers, but last night I discovered the BEST APP EVER!! It’s called the Productivity Challenge Timer. While the name is not very sexy, it looks great and has it all. It’s free (though upgrades are available in app) and is available for Android and Apple devices.

First, here’s the home screen. How cool, right? It makes me feel productive just having it installed on my phone.screenshot_2017-01-04-12-37-08

In the free version you can set up four projects that it tracks stats for. Within each project you can see how many work sessions and breaks you have done. There is a ranking system of sorts called “Achievements”. As I just started using this app yesterday, I’m only an “Unrepentant Slacker”, but I have hopes of climbing higher over the course of the day. A badge system exists, too. After 2 hours of work in a day you earn a 15 minute break rather than the standard 5 minutes. I have now earned two badges: “Well, that was fun” and “One foot off the couch”. The latter is an upgrade, by the way.

The digits are big, which I really like. By default it keeps the screen on while it’s
timing, but this is a setting that can be changed. It has a ton os variations that you can adjust manually. The sounds when a work session is finished is different from the sound when a rest interval is complete. Both are really cool sounds, but can be customized in “Settings”.screenshot_2017-01-04-14-23-091

Here’s what some of the screens look like. I find it easy to use, fun and nice to look at. The creators AXFN have done a great job on this app!

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