My Vision

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
William Butler Yeats

We learn when we do. Education is active, creative and energetic. It happens anywhere and everywhere. Classrooms are loud centers of activity and collaboration. Lines between the subjects are blurred and students are engaged in a wide variety of activities. Some are reading; some, helping others. Some are on computers while others are building something. One student uses his phone to look up a fact while another creates a screencast for her online portfolio. All are learning at their own pace, pushing their own limits of capability. It may be difficult to distinguish between the “math” part of the “curriculum” and the “social studies” section.

Classrooms today generally do not look like this, however. Each subject is clearly delineated from the rest and the overall opinion of K-12 education in the United States comes under fire frequently, especially mathematics. But change is beginning to happen as schools and districts change to standards-based grading and libraries install maker-spaces and schools go paperless.

I want to be on this leading edge of change in education, both as an math teacher and technology specialist.

In the math classroom, I see students creating and maintaining online portfolios of their work throughout the year. These will display projects, movies, screencasts created and pictures of work done. Online portfolio become not only a timeless record of work done, but also a tool for future students to use. However, I would love to teach technology and one day become a technology specialist for a district or work in design for a company.

As a technology specialist, I want to develop creative projects that integrate technology and mathematics, and eventually I want to serve a school or a district as a technology integration lead, helping teachers to enhance learning by combining the best practices of teaching, technology and content. I want to teach the TPACK framework on a district-wide scale.

I am always learning, and will continue formal education with another graduate degree. I love design and technology. I am fascinated by what it takes for people to overcome to change social classes through education.

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