Keys to Success in Ms. Zaher’s Class-Adventures with Infographs

Our second project in Year 3 was creating an infographic on any topic. I have wanted to design a visual syllabus since last summer’s GREAT15 conference, so my topic was already clear. As often happens, however, as I put my ideas on paper, the purpose changed. Instead of a syllabus that is tied to a particular class, which is tied to a particular curriculum, I created a tool that I can use in any classroom I am in, independent of the subject matter. The result is so good! I am off to a great start, knowing that some items will change as I put this infographic into practice.

Infographic by Joy-01

The things I know need attention are the two JPEG’s- the visual QR code, which I created through Visualead, and the stacked bar graph, created with The problem I encountered was finding both of these items in SVG form. In retrospect (and in the future) I could create my own bar chart with Photoshop and export them as SVG.

Overall, however, I was so much happier with my design process on this project than any other project in all three years! I felt confident in my idea, and when I got stuck on how to incorporate the coordinate plane into the graphic, I didn’t change my entire idea! I stuck with it, persevered and eventually solutions emerged. I am so pleased with the result!

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